Samsung L100 Photo #14 The Witch Head Nebula

acrylic on canvas (definitely looks a little different in real life, some of the colours are a bit off in this picture and you can't see all the textures but this is roughly it) Today I decided to spend my afternoon painting on a canvas that has seen a lot of shit. This canvas has been painted on and over maybe 6 times now. It has been glued on, painted on with oils, acrylics and texture paste, chucked in a corner and piled on with dust, looked at and given the 'you're not working out' head shake and it's existence in my room has definitely been seriously contemplated on numerous times. But I'm glad all of that has passed and today we've decided together that this is how it is going to stay from now on... This was greatly inspired by The Witch Head Nebula and definitely driven by Infected Mushroom's 'Never Ever Land' and 'Noise Maker'.

Technical Details

1/30 s
6 mm
200 ISO