Summary Samsung TL500

Prices Price
Camera only
Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range
#n/a of 1
Among similar cameras
#n/a of 3
Specifications Key specs
Help 3x
Screen size
Help 3"
Help f/1.8
Screen resolution
Help 920k dots
Wide angle
Help 24 mm
Movie format
Help 480p @ 30fps
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Also known as: Samsung EX1

Samsung TL500Samsung TL500


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The Samsung TL500 vs other recent pro digicams

Built-in flash Built-in flash Help
Usually standard
Screen type OLED Screen Help
Bright and vivid
External flash External flash Help
Better lighting
Size Quite small Help
Compact (114×63×29 mm)
Thickness Thin Help


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The Samsung TL500 vs other recent pro digicams

Sensor size Very small sensor Help
1/1.7" 7.6x5.7mm
Light sensitivity Very poor maximum light sensitivity Help
3,200 ISO
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
10 MP
Sensor type Sensor type Help
Weight Heavy Help
386 g
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/1500 of a second
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
1.5 fps
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Autofocus contrast detection autofocus Help
slower focusing
Announced Old Help
February 2010
Viewfinder Can only preview photos on the screen Help
Longest exposure Very short exposures Help
16 seconds




front photo of the Samsung TL500back photo of the Samsung TL500angle photo of the Samsung TL500


Samsung TL500

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Avatar for Volker Peter SCHENK Volker Peter SCHENK (6:50 AM, August 29, 2011)
That camera is amazing. I shoot the same focal length 24-70mm on my Pro NIKON D700. This gear is very intrusive, especially, when you want to travel light. In the Winter 2010/2011 I stayed in Cannon Beach, OR and had a chance, to compare the 2 RAW  shooter in the "Belt" class (How I define a camera you have always on you, in a pouch on your belt) Here is a link to the test on one evening, that speaks for itself. While a 24-70mm pro lens is limited to a max F-stop of 2.8, the TL500 offers 1.8 in a high quality Schneider optics. The camera is all metal, even the battery door and has this extreme quality feeling. The excellent AMOLED screen is fully articulated and folding inwards to protect the screen, very usable with this size of cameras (I badly scratched the screen of my NEX with my car keys in the pocket). You can see the photos of that evening here: A rather good image stabilization allowed all shots to be taken handheld. Unfortunately, neither this camera nor the excellent NEX competitor NX10-11 are very popular due to non existing marketing on SAMSUNG's side.