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Specifications Key specs
Help 21x
Screen size
Help 4.8"
Help f/2.8
Screen resolution
Help Unknown
Wide angle
Help 23 mm
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
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Samsung Galaxy CameraSamsung Galaxy Camera


Samsung has replaced the Galaxy Camera with the Camera 2.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 announced January 2014
Battery life Significantly longer battery life
Weight Lighter

Compare the new Samsung Camera 2 vs the Camera


Samsung Galaxy Camera Review
  • Image quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Amateur
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The Samsung Camera vs other recent compacts

Wide angle Great wide angle lens Help
23 mm
Built-in flash Built-in flash Help
Usually standard
Screen size Huge screen Help
Touch screen Touch screen Help
Fewer buttons
Aperture Wide aperture Help
GPS Built-in GPS Help
Great for travel
Image stabilization Image stabilization Help
  1. Lens
Battery life Incredible battery life Help
340 shots
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The Samsung Camera vs other recent travel zooms

Size Really small Help
Compact (129×71×19 mm)
Thickness Thin Help
External mic jack External mic jack Help
Record higher quality audio with a microphone
Lowest price Very inexpensive Help


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The Samsung Camera vs other recent compacts

Weight Very heavy Help
300 g
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/2000 of a second
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The Samsung Camera vs other recent travel zooms

Zoom Below average zoom Help
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
9.7 MP
Sensor size Slightly smaller than average sensor Help
1/2.3" 6.17x4.55mm
Viewfinder Can only preview photos on the screen Help
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Light sensitivity Very poor maximum light sensitivity Help
3,200 ISO
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Announced Old Help
August 2012
Longest exposure Short exposures Help
16 seconds


front photo of the Samsung Galaxy Cameraback photo of the Samsung Galaxy Cameraangle photo of the Samsung Galaxy Camera


Samsung Galaxy Camera
Galaxy Camera

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Showing 7 comments

Ray H (0:33 PM, August 17, 2013)
Mine is he Wi-Fi only model and it does have a flash.
Avatar for Colita Colita (6:39 PM, May 22, 2013)
Price range is wrong, the cheapest I've seen this camera is about $400.00
Avatar for Chrispin Michael Chrispin Michael (1:40 AM, March 21, 2013)
i have been using it since January 2013. I love this camera as the smart option taking picture is really helpful. I seldom use the advance option which is taking time to set when you have to capture a moment/scene that will pass. i found out it's a bit difficult to get a good picture when it is in full zoom (21X) as our hands are not steady/stable. the software/applications are great too. we can connect to the internet via 3G or wifi which makes uploading pictures to the social media so easy and instantly. i am no longer using my Nikon which is bulky and heavy.
Avatar for Gary McNeff Gary McNeff (8:24 PM, March 17, 2013)
Just picked one up yesterday and started playing around with it. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the pictures so far and the ease of use as well. I have seven or eight digital cameras (I lose track of the exact count) including two top of the line Nikon DSLR's and this is probably the easiest and most intuitive camera I've used. Will it ever replace either of my Nikons? No. But it's a hell of a lot smaller and easier to throw in a jacket pocket when I don't want to mess with something larger...and it has the added benefit of being always connected so I can share anything I take immediately (which I admittedly don't do often but is nice when you want it - with a camera much better than you get on the typical phone).

For an expensive toy it gets very high marks from me!
Avatar for Will Scola Will Scola (0:06 AM, February 15, 2013)
Daniel Kopial it does have flash. There is a button on the side that pops up the flash
Avatar for Mike Svitek Mike Svitek (5:13 PM, February 01, 2013)
Screen resolution is 1280x720 ... same screen as the Galaxy S3 has.
Avatar for Daniel Kopial Daniel Kopial (2:43 AM, January 13, 2013)
No flash? Lol...