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Camera only
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#n/a of 2
Specifications Key specs
Help 5x
Screen size
Help 2.7"
Help f/3.5
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Wide angle
Help 28 mm
Movie format
Help 720p @ 30fps
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Pentax Optio W90Pentax Optio W90


Pentax has replaced the Optio W90 with the WG-1.

Pentax Optio WG-1
Pentax Optio WG-1 announced February 2011
Image stabilization Image stabilization

Compare the new Pentax WG-1 vs the W90


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The Pentax W90 vs other recent waterproof cameras

Size Quite small Help
Compact (108×59×25 mm)
Weight Light Help
164 g
Thickness Thin Help


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The Pentax W90 vs other recent waterproof cameras

Aperture Slightly narrow aperture Help
Wide angle Very poor wide angle lens Help
28 mm
Screen size Very small screen Help
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
1.3 fps
Screen type Screen type Help
Announced Old Help
February 2010
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/1500 of a second
Movie format HD movies Help
720p @ 30fps
Screen resolution Low resolution screen Help
230k dots
Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Sensor type Sensor type Help
Missing geo-tagging
Popularity Not so popular Help
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front photo of the Pentax Optio W90back photo of the Pentax Optio W90angle photo of the Pentax Optio W90


Pentax Optio W90
Optio W90

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Showing 2 comments

TMagic (2:07 PM, August 06, 2010)
I had the Panasonic TS1 which I was very happy with (except for the body [front] metal case was soft and as a result slightly dented in my pocket) The picture quality and video always got great feedback. I had to return (under warrantee) the camera to the Panasonic Service Center because a spec inside the camera made its way to the lens... I shipped it out and in about three weeks I received and brand new camera (TS2) what a surprise... While the camera had the spec and during it's time at the service center I have been wondering about switching to the Pantex W90 as I love the look and it seems to look like it would carry better in my pocket when rock climbing; the metal case on the TS1 also got a few scratches from rock contact. Also like the harder plastic around the camera. But now after reading all the reviews I'm thinking on just sticking with the TS2 as it is more rugged (though it does not look like it) and the image stabilization was a big concern when I originally purchased the camera... wish the Pantex W90 had this feature then I would jump on it quite fast.
Saltyseagull (6:55 PM, August 02, 2010)
really wish it had image stabilization, and could shoot faster at low light. It tends to just lower the ISO even when it has the chance to shoot at a higher shutter speed. So it almost always has some blur without flash in anything but bright light conditions. For underwater shooting this a very bad combo, since you can never be perfectly still while swimming. And flash tends to ruin most underwater shots by highlighting any particles in the water and therefore being an extremely noisey photo anyway. (Unless your flash is well away from camera) I have tried compensating for this by taking it off auto iso, and forcing it to shoot faster, but I am still thinking of exchanging it for the Panasonic TS2 with image stabilization. Disappointing, and I hate to do it since the macro features are so great, and the user interface is so easy to use. The TS2 has good macro, but not as good as this one. Don't know why camera companies can't seem to get the underwater-point-and-shoot point! that point is of course, to shoot underwater, and in low light conditions that result from being underwater. It must be fast, and shouldn't even be adjusting down to 80 iso in auto mode for underwater. More like 800 or don't bother. Here's hoping they get it right eventually. Happy shooting!