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Body only
With 18-55mm lens
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 23.6x15.8mm
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Help 12.2 MP
Movie format
Help 720p @ 24fps
Screen size
Help 2.7"
Light sensitivity
Help 6,400 ISO
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Pentax K-xPentax K-x

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"The new Pentax K-x occupies the sweet spot between the entry-level K-m and prosumer K-7 cameras." | talking about the camera's overall-performance
"The 12.4 megapixel JPEG images were a little soft straight out of the camera at the default sharpening setting" | talking about the camera's image-quality
"Image stabilisation via the camera body is a great feature that works very well when hand-holding the camera in low-light conditions." | talking about the camera's image-stabilization


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Pentax K-x

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MickeyD (2:50 AM, March 09, 2015)
Hello Kisaer: I have been a Nikon fanboy for over 40 years and with the new camera's that I have bought they have been recalled for leaking oil from the sensor! I decided to go with Pentax and I have not looked back at any more Nikon junk! I am in the process of changing over to a full Pentax system, dumping my Nikon junk to E-Bay. Thanks for your input, another fine product from Pentax. Full weather sealed against rain, snow, dust & moisture.
Avatar for Michael Comora Michael Comora (3:58 AM, September 07, 2011)
Had a red K-x, but after spending the summer at a horribly lit camp and also using Canon's XS, T1i, and 50D, I decided that it was time to swap. Sold my K-x for $395(!) and ended up buying a T2i. The K-x was great to learn about photo, since it has double IS with most modern lenses, HDR, and a high range of exposure settings. My main drawbacks were the poor low light performance, low-res screen, AA batteries, low resolution (12.2 MP), and lack of autofocus indicators in the viewfinder. Other than that, it's a solid choice, but it's definitely worth the extra $50-100 and getting a Canon T3 or T1i.
Bulriche (11:29 PM, August 09, 2011)
Buy a k-x. I have both - and a K 20 D. You will be satisfied with the k-x.
Flux (3:45 PM, August 09, 2011)
Should I get a K-X or a D3100 ?
NewTerritoryImages (2:44 AM, May 04, 2011)
I got one in white a little more than a year ago. I love it. It's not what I would call a perfect camera, but I don't think you're going to beat it for the price. I will say that having a white camera gets a lot of attention which is good for anyone out looking to get some business. People who don't know any better tend to assume you're a professional just because you have such an "awesome" camera.
NewTerritoryImages (2:37 AM, May 04, 2011)
I've had mine for a little over a year. The quality of video is fine, but it does drain the batteries rather quickly.
Avatar for kmuzu kmuzu (7:01 PM, April 25, 2011)
I have the blue K-x and love it. It's a great entry level DSLR with many professional features. And don't be scared off by those who say only Canon or Nikon have the variety of lenses necessary- unless you have serious lens lust Pentax has a great selection and the new DSLR can use the old Pentax lenses. The k-x is easy to use and has great auto-focus and image stability. Although it shoots perfectly fine HD video it's not the K-x's strength - there is no microphone input and no HDMI output. For the price and quality the K-x can't be beat.
Avatar for Henrique Henrique (4:06 AM, April 25, 2011)
Great value. It packs many features for the price, beating similar age cameras on sensor noise and dynamic range. The build quality is above average among entry-level cameras. There's also the often not cited advantage that one can mount any of the great quality legacy Pentax, Sigma and Voigtländer lenses produced in the last 35 years without any adapter or modifications, with manual or auto focus, and with image stabilization in all of them, as the K-x uses image stabilization technology in the sensor itself.

The biggest con for the K-x is that if your main concern is shooting videos, you are probably better off with a Canon entry-level, which pack more resolution, auto focus in video mode and more battery life for not-too-distant price (considering you just stick with the kit lens, that is).

If you care more about photos though, the K-x is a great choice.
Avatar for Speerdo Speerdo (2:45 PM, March 12, 2011)
I just got my K-X yesterday. It came down to the K-X or the Nikon D3100. I feel like I made the right choice. As a beginner, it made sense to get the cheaper camera w/ the in-body stabilization. Now I can pick up any of the hundreds of old K mount lenses on ebay w/o worrying too much about whether the lens has built in I.S. In my experience in the past, 720p video is plenty when it comes to home videos, and they're definitely easier to work with than full 1080p files. I definitely have a lot to learn to really make use of all that this camera offers. If you're a beginner and have never used an SLR before, this camera will have plenty of shooting options to keep you busy. I definitely feel like I made the right choice...especially since I got the BROWN version. Heyo!
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (3:51 AM, March 06, 2011)
Did you see this video review of the K-x? The reviewer says he is very impressed with the video quality, though I don't think he mentions the battery life while shooting video.
Jen (0:18 AM, March 06, 2011)
How would you rate the video quality of the k-x? Does shooting video drain the AA batteries quickly?
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (3:07 PM, February 03, 2011)
They are still for sale but are no longer producing new ones, the Pentax K-x has been replaced by the Pentax K-r. This might be a good opportunity to pick a K-x at a discount price.
Jen (2:33 PM, February 03, 2011)
Is the k-x now discontinued?
Kisaer (11:16 AM, January 29, 2011)
I love my Pentax K x and I went black. I think the coloured look a little childish. I'm sick of hearing about Canon and Nikon should be the only choice in cameras! Pentax is great value for money and easy to operate with fantastic results. I'll be sticking to Pentax forever.
xio (4:44 AM, November 27, 2010)
i just ordered one. it's on the way :)
Rickmorgan (9:07 PM, October 11, 2010)
Seems like a great value to me. The colors are not my style, but I can always get a black one.