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With 18-55mm lens
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Sensor size
Help APS-C 23.6x15.8mm
Screen resolution
Help 920k dots
Help 12.2 MP
Movie format
Help 720p @ 25fps
Screen size
Help 3"
Light sensitivity
Help 12,800 ISO
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Pentax K-rPentax K-r

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"The K-r produces, in almost any shooting situation, output that is virtually identical to the K-x's." | talking about the camera's image-quality
"The Pentax K-r offers excellent control over high ISO noise reduction." | talking about the camera's iso-noise
"The K-r is in many ways a very competent upper entry-level camera." | talking about the camera's overall-performance


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Pentax K-r

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Pbuliet (11:22 PM, November 22, 2012)
Tried that it does not work the AF Module is flawed and the K-5 has major problems too in this light. This is a great camera with awful AF issues never fixed and there are no work using live view. AWB does nothing either that's a paper tiger
Teepee_uk (10:29 AM, May 08, 2012)
 True, but this can be worked around quite easily with a combination of IR blocking filter, firmware updates and staying away from AWB.
Pbuliet (1:45 AM, December 22, 2011)
Pentax K-r = Front focus in low kelvin light
Really bad front focus too and Pentax keep selling it and don't care!
Shajith_703 (10:49 AM, December 08, 2011)
Used 3 or 4 occasion
only, Pentax K-r DSLR (perfect for all type of climate, protects from dust and
humidity). Also included is the original Pentax 18-55mm
f/3.5-5.6 and 55-300mm f/4-5.8 Zoom Lenses, battery charger and cord, USB cable, CD, UV Filter, instruction
manual, tripod, memory card, carry case. Bought it from U.S.A. Final Price
Mateusz (7:40 AM, December 08, 2011)
i have a Pentax k-r and i need to do virtual tours of properties what lens do you recommend?
Shajith_703 (9:25 AM, November 04, 2011)
Kr fell 2ft down from hand nothing happened to it, that's called build quality......
Shajith_703 (9:23 AM, November 04, 2011)
Pentax is king dear
allenation (2:06 PM, October 27, 2011)
i've read a lot comparing K-R to other popular brands of DSLR. Pentax is way better than those you guys mentioned. and even beat D90! im gonna have it soon. pextax k-r is a dream come true for me.
Dickensoncc (2:36 AM, July 13, 2011)
I totally agree.  I compared the Nikon D3100 and the Pentax K-R and if you take "popularity" out of the equation (which, in my opinion is a non-issue), the K-R has the higher score.  I'm very happy with my Pentax K-R!
Marcus_labeo (1:14 PM, July 06, 2011)
In my opinion the best entry-level DSLR. I wonder a bit about Nikon D3100 being rated better, since it cannot compare to K-r in many aspects (except from popularity, which is a questionable value). Well-buit and well-equipped DSLR for good price.
d (1:29 PM, May 11, 2011)

What about other options? Is not more cameras suitable for my needs?
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (1:47 PM, May 09, 2011)
If video is important than I would recommend you look at either the Canon 550D or Nikon D5100. Snapsort recommends
the Nikon D5100 because it takes better photos, continuous video focus, a flip out screen, and more focus points.
Good luck.
d (6:02 PM, May 08, 2011)

What a better camera to film family events with the possibility to easily adjust the settings myself? the nikon d5100 the canon 550d or the pentax k r (If there are better options then please tell)
Johnmcmillin (5:43 AM, April 27, 2011)
I really, really wanted to like this camera,. It has oodles of useful features, plus enormous customizability, It's cheap, feels well built and handles like a charm, Two months ago, I got a used K-r and put it to use cranking out virtual tours. All was well until I started looking closely at the photos. There was less dynamic range than I was used to getting from the Nikon D40x, and unlike my Sony a700 powerful DRO, the Pentax's dynamic range adjustment feature didn't show much benefit. Then I started to see inconsistent color balance, using JPG on various WB presets. Random frames of pano elements would show sudden shifts towards red or blue, even outdoors where lighting and subject matter was constant. Than the rear control dial went haywire. failing soon after. Thankfully, B&H gave me an extended return & refund.

The Pentax K-r might have been a keeper if I'd been using it for travel, shooting RAW, in reasonable light... and if it had worked at all. I wouldn't want to steer anyone clear of trying it. Each of the little three SLR makers has something unique to offer, and on paper, Pentax may have the most to offer. This camera is worth a try, but make sure to test, return and replace as necessary....
Avatar for kmuzu kmuzu (7:08 PM, April 25, 2011)
I have the older version Pentax K-x and love my camera. I think it comes down to if you're going to shoot video with your DSLR. Just like the K-x there is no microphone jack in and the video quality is not as good as the Sony. However the image stabilization, HDR photo and ISO range is better.
Matthewj White1234 (0:44 AM, April 09, 2011)
i can't decide between the Pentax K-R and the Sony SLT A33. I have read your comparison but still cannot decide! This would be my first DSLR but i know a fair bit about cameras. Please help!