Pentax K-50 Photo #4 Fire and Ice

A late winter metaphor for the coming turning of tables. For well over six weeks, ice has been handily winning. A deep freeze with not a single day with above freezing temperatures. February has delivered an icy landscape. Snow is piled high. Sidewalks have become canyons between walls of shoveled and plowed snow. Frost heave has turned roads into bone rattling experiences. This year's pothole filling budgets will be strained. The forecast for March foretells the coming thaw. The first day of above 0°C (32°F) is approaching! The fire is about to turn the tables and send the ice packing for another year. It remains to be seen how long the vanquish will take. Here, the sun is setting, behind an icicle (descending from a railing towards a snowbank) in downtown Welland. Ontario. Trees on the horizon have made the bokeh sun appear in triplicate.

Technical Details

1/500 s
180 mm
800 ISO