Pentax K-30 videos including samples, reviews and tutorials. The Pentax K-30 shoots video at 1080p resolution at 30 fps, it shoots 24p at 1080p, which is great for that film look, but it doesn't support continuously focusing while recording movies. The full list of modes supported is: 1920x1080 @ 30 fps, 1920x1080 @ 25 fps, 1920x1080 @ 24 fps, 1280x720 @ 60 fps, 1280x720 @ 50 fps, 1280x720 @ 30 fps, 1280x720 @ 25 fps, 1280x720 @ 24 fps, 640x424 @ 30 fps, 640x424 @ 25 fps and 640x424 @ 24 fps.


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Pentax K-30 Review - Entry-Level DSLR - Does it Suck?

Pentax K-30 Review - Is it a good choice for an entry level DSLR? Is it a good camera for beginners? Let me break it down for you on this video review filled with test shots, sample video and a good hard look at what it's like to shoot with....

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PENTAX K-30 Product Tour

Product Tour created by Tour Anything for Pentax demonstrating the major features of the K-30 DSLR. Get your product tour today, call 503-828-9002

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Pentax K-30 Hands-On Field Test

The Pentax K-30 has the best best specs of any of the entry level DSLRs. With a weather sealed body, two control dials, a 100% viewfinder and great image quality, it sounds amazing. To test the abilities of this little marvel, The Camera Store's Chris Niccolls took the K-30 on...

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Pentax K-30 Sand & Water Test

A fun test of the durability of the Pentax K-30. Visit for Tech, Movies, Music, Games, and more. **Please note that a DA* or WR lens is needed for true weather sealing and that the Pentax K30 is not an underwater camera.**

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The Pentax K-30 is a DSLR camera with a 16.3Mp APS-C sensor. In this video, Kelby Media reviews the camera with two kit lenses, the 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 and the 50-200 f/4-5.6. Pentax K-30

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A Love of the Outdoors

The PENTAX K-30 brings you up close and into the adventure with Ben Fullerton and his friends as they slack-line in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado. Click below to learn more about the blue K-30, voted "Gear of the Year" by Men's Journal.

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Pentax K30

Pentax K-30 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 DAL Lens hands on, focusing, live view, shutter, continuous shooting speed. Highlight: APS-C (23.7 x 15.7 mm) sensor, Environmentally sealed body, max 6.0 fps, in-body sensor shift image stabilization, shutter speed max 1/6000 of a second, 3.0 in 921k pixels lcd, in camera HDR, high iso...

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