Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 Photo #35 The second Wave at Coyote Butte North

I have been trying to get to the Wave (Coyote Butte North) for years but we always got skunked with BLM's lottery process - both online and in person, I finally won a slot for April 2010. I arrived in Page, AZ about two days before my selected day - it was gorgeous and about 70 - perfect conditions. However a big storm was moving in and things changed dramatically. The day I went into the Wave it was about 40 degrees with winds at a steady 30-40 MPH - it was downright cold and nasty since there is a lot of sand and it was blowing everywhere. I was following another party toward the Wave and we kept trading hiding spaces from the wind. When I got to the actual Wave area the wind was so strong I could barely stand up. I was so worried about sand destroying my Canon 30D that I ended up using my backup camera, a Panasonic Lumix ZS-3 for most of the shots and I really liked how they turned out.. Also adding excitement was an ominous big black front moving in from the West - so I had to ...

Technical Details

1/1000 s
5 mm
80 ISO