Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX2 Photo #6 celts - iron age statues

On left: Glauberg warrior. Glauberg, Germany. About 400 BC The statue at the graveside had rthe same equipment as the deceased. Four statues like this would have stood around the mond covering the rich burial, only one has survived. The warrior is wearing a leaf crown and torque as well as armors, a short sword and a shield. It represented the deceased and might have served as a memorial or a prop in ancestor worship. On right: Sandstone pillar statue. Holzgerlingen, Germany. About 380 BC This figure is the largest known Iron Age stone stela in central Europe. It's blocky torso is only roughly hewn and bent arms are folded across belly. The Janus-faced figure is wearing a leaf crown. Kunst der Kelten, Historisches Museum Bern. Art of the Celts, Historic Museum of Bern.

Technical Details

1/8 s
6 mm
200 ISO