Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 Photo #24 Abandoned Storehouses

Those storehouses used to be a place where the young people from the village received professional certification classes to work at Sao Paulo Railway company, in Paranapiacaba, Sao Paulo state, Brazil. About the Village: In the mid-19th century, the São Paulo Railway Company, a privately owned British railway company, laid a snaking network of tracks over Brazil’s green mountains. In order to transport coffee beans from inland plantations to the port of Santos on the south coast, a railroad funicular was incorporated that could lift entire trains full of cargo over the undulating terrain. A British company provided the steam engines that drove the operation and also founded a workers’ village on the highest point in the area, called Paranapiacaba, meaning “a place to view the sea” in Tupi-Guarani. The small houses for railway and funicular employees were constructed from wood, in a style similar to those of British mining towns. Paranapiacaba’s civic buildings and larger homes we...

Technical Details

1/125 s
4 mm
125 ISO