Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP3 Photo #2 Round Church in Richmond VT

"If a church has no corners then the Devil cannot hide there. That is one of the theories of why the historic Round Church in Richmond, Vermont is round. Another is that 17 men came together and built the 16 sided polygon. One built each side and the 17th put on the belfrey. However, records for this project showed more than the 17 men on the payroll. The unique structure, now known as the historic Round Church in Richmond, was constructed in 1812 – 1814. The need for a meeting house, and a multi-denominational house of worship (Baptist, Universalist, Christian, Congregationalist, and Methodist) promoted this project. Money for this meeting place was raised by selling pews. The pew sales raised a grand total of $2,305.42. This building was used for annual Richmond Town Meetings, a Vermont tradition, for 160 consecutive years. Vermont Round ChurchIn 1973 the state felt it was unsafe for the public and it stood closed for 8 years. Reopened by the Richmond Historical Society in ...

Technical Details

1/400 s
19 mm
100 ISO