Olympus FE-5020 Photo #6 Nature.

"Es preciso haber perdido la razón para creer que puedan ser en un punto violadas todas las leyes de la naturaleza" Brabancio. Otelo.~ Shakespeare. BIG NEWS. My dad would take me to the city where... oh god.... to the Morrisseys's concert. I would go. BUT. I need someone to go with. Anyone likes Morrissey! None of my friends! Fuck . I'm going, I just need to convince my dad to go with me. Thanks for viewing! I'm angry with my friends and as some girl said on Twitter: "I'd rather spend the evening with my cat". Bye, have a lovely day :) My feet look awkard in this one, but i like the flowers and grass. ANd my freckle in the finger haha. i'm weird.

Technical Details

1/30 s
21 mm
160 ISO