Olympus D-360L Photo #29 Not Really Greek Squares

My first attempt at veganizing one of my favorite dishes from my childhood: the Greek Squares from Diet for a Small Planet. Basically, I subbed mashed tofu with a bit of vegan mayonnaise for the cottage cheese and eggs, and Follow Your Heart vegan cheddarlike substance for the cheese. No substitutions were needed for the spinach or the wheat germ topping, obviously. The FYH cheeselike substance oils off a bit more than dairy cheddar, but otherwise it was really very close indeed to the original. The texture even improved the next day. Quite pleased with it, actually. I've never really figured out why they're called Greek, though. Maybe because the squares bear a vague, distant resemblance to spanikopita filling?

Technical Details

1/30 s
5 mm
500 ISO