Summary Olympus FE-5500

Prices Price
Camera only
Score Snapsort rank
Among similar cameras
#n/a of 1
Specifications Key specs
Help 3x
Screen size
Help 2"
Help f/2.8
Screen resolution
Help 115k dots
Wide angle
Help 35 mm
Movie format
Help Unknown
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Also known as: Olympus D-630 Zoom


The Olympus FE-5500 vs other recent compacts

Aperture Wide aperture Help
Thickness Thin Help
Size Really small Help
Compact (94×61×24 mm)
Weight Very light Help
175 g


The Olympus FE-5500 vs other recent compacts

Zoom Below average zoom Help
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
115k dots
Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Sensor type Sensor type Help
Viewfinder Can only preview photos on the screen Help
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Wide angle Very poor wide angle lens Help
35 mm
Screen size Very small screen Help
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
4.9 MP
Sensor size Slightly smaller than average sensor Help
1/2.5" 5.75x4.31mm
Announced Old Help
February 2005
Longest exposure Short exposures Help
2 seconds


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Avatar for Martin Dawson Martin Dawson (6:50 PM, September 17, 2019)
I like this camera, I also like 'old-tech' and it amazes me that camera's worth next to nothing today cost a lot only a few years ago, I guess this reflects the throw away world we live in. I digress. I was given this camera with a jammed zoom lens and found it easy to fix but if you do take apart be-careful of the flash's capacitor because if your pinkies touch the contacts you will be uttering words some may never have heard of before. I put a very small (I mean small) drop of oil on the gear mech and since I have worked on it (about 2011-ish) its worked a treat. I used to go places where photography was banned but the vehicles and kit was historic, certainly now... and a small camera was very handy. A quick click and I had a photo and a quick look to see if any one was watching. I liked the results, obviously the photo's where no match for my other fleet of camera's but as a useful adjutant to them its been a brilliant little camera. Worth playing with and I guess if you want one its not going to break any bank balances...