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Body only
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help Four thirds 18x13.5mm
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Help 10 MP
Movie format
Help None
Screen size
Help 2.7"
Light sensitivity
Help 1,600 ISO
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Olympus E-450Olympus E-450


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Olympus E-450

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Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (5:14 PM, March 29, 2011)
Good call Eric, its now classified as entry level.
eric (5:46 PM, March 22, 2011)
Seems to me this should be classified as an entry-level dslr...but that's just my thoughts.
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (1:30 AM, September 13, 2010)
Hi Nikvits, strictly speaking what the site meant to convey is that compared to other entry level DSLRs, the E-450 has lower image quality. For example, see the E-450 vs the Nikon D90, the Nikon D90 has similar image quality at approx 1 stop higher ISO, and overall better dynamic range and color depth.

That said, I imagine the E-450 has decent image quality, its just at the lower end of the entry level DSLRs, though still miles ahead of point and shoot cameras.
Nikvits (11:23 PM, September 12, 2010)
Very low overall image quality? Are you cuckoo? I use this camera and if there is something I like more, that's image quality!!!