Olympus VG-110 Photo #16 The Drover Memorial Statue at Dingwall Auction Mart in Ross & Cromarty Scotland

1,000 views on 1st December 2013 High above the road and railway between Maryburgh and Dingwall is the Dingwall Auction Mart, principal livestock market in the Highlands. Out front, overlooking the view across the Cromarty Firth and Black Isle stands the memorial statue to the "The Highland Drover". The Highland Livestock Heritage Society (HLHS) was established with the aim of commemorating and celebrating the historic achievements of the livestock breeders and drovers in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. The breeding, rearing, droving and trading in cattle and sheep was the economic mainstay of the Highlands & Islands over hundreds of years. The people who undertook the difficult, dangerous and commercially complex business of droving and selling the livestock were the economic heroes of their time. Many of them later emigrated to new worlds and brought their breeding, droving and commercial skills to establish thriving new livestock industries in USA, Cana...

Technical Details

1/125 s
8 mm
100 ISO