Olympus VG-110 Photo #2 Kessock Bridge at North Kessock looking towards Inverness Scotland

The view from under the bridge, looking towards the City of Inverness. Easter Sunday was glorious sunny (but cool, especially in the shade). A quick trip over the Kessock Bridge (to see how the roadworks were progressing!!) ended up with a wee visit down to the village of North Kessock, and what lovely views can be obtained from the parking area beside the LifeBoat Station, almost directly under the Kessock Bridge. The Bridge, which opened to traffic in 1982, carries the A9 trunk road from Inverness to the north over the Beauly/Moray Firth (an arm of the North Sea), thereby doing away - in conjunction with its sisters to the north over the Cromarty and Dornoch Firths - with the "trachle" which was the lengthy and arduous drive north (or south) following the coastline round every inlet. The views from the bridge, and indeed from the shore beneath it, are impressive.

Technical Details

1/200 s
4 mm
100 ISO