Olympus TG-610 Photo #1 Cleveland Volcano

Jealous? — This photo was taken last summer when scientists from the Islands of Four Mountains science project headed ashore by skiff on the first day of fieldwork. In the backdrop is Cleveland volcano. The USGS provides the latest updates on the status of Cleveland including ash cloud forecasts, images, and more at: bitly.com/ClevelandVolcano. Photo Credit: Christina Neal, USGS. We've also just launched a "USGS Volcanoes" Facebook Page covering the various volcano research, status updates, and more. Go ahead and like the page and keep up to date with what's happening: www.facebook.com/USGSVolcanoes. For more information on ​the Island of Four Mountains project, ​visit: www.facebook.com/IslandsOfThe4Mountains/.

Technical Details

1/125 s
5 mm
80 ISO