Nikon D300 Photo #18 When It Rains

When It Rains ----- When it rains, I don't mind being lonely, I cry right along with the sky When it rains, I don't pretend to be happy, I don't even have to try When it rains, Some people get down, They're sporting a frown, so I fit right in The sun may brighten your day, but if I had my way, I'd take the rain . ----- Watch the video for the song "When It Rains" by the Eli Young Band Here. ------ When it Rains... it pours. Life is always out to teach you something, and this month... I learned that. You never know what is going to happen next, and then once the rain starts, it doesn't stop for a while. Its been a rough month, lost my dad two weeks ago and still coming to terms with everything. Its the little things, like who am I going to call walking between classes? When I'm home, who will watch SportsCenter on ESPN with me? Who can I call to raz...

Technical Details

Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 EX APO IF HSM
1/1000 s
200 mm
500 ISO