Nikon Coolpix S8100 Photo #5 Tiger Leaping Gorge

First full view of the Gorge,as we begin our trek. On right side of Yangtze River is the Jade Dragon snow Mountain - capped by a cloud. Lonely Planet top 10 list of things to do in China: "A hike here has gone from obscure adventure to the ‘can’t miss’ experience of northern Yúnnán and is well worth the hype. The gorge (Hǔtiào Xiá), one of the deepest in the world, measures 16km long and is a giddy 3900m from the waters of Jinsha River (Jīnshā Jiāng) to the snow-capped mountaintops of Hābā Shān (Haba Mountain) to the west and Yùlóng Xuěshān to the east."

Technical Details

1/257 s
5 mm
160 ISO