Nikon Coolpix S1 Photo #35 Old Hickory Bridge - Nashville

There are 14 bridges over the Cumberland river in Nashville, and this is one of the oldest. Construction ran from 1927-28 and was two lanes across the river for Old Hickory Blvd., the large loop around the city. In the 60s, a second bridge was opened next to this one so that each direction could have two lanes. In addition to the 2nd bridge, the street, which used to not curve here, was changed. All the traffic between Hermitage and Madison was routed across the new "Highway 56" which runs parallel to Old Hickory Boulevard from here to Gallatin Pk. Something else easy to miss: There is a etching in the concrete on the right side, which was easier to see when traffic went both ways through here. In this picture, it is obscured by the dogwood tree but says: 1927-28 OLD HICKORY BRIDGE Davidson County, Tenn Litton Hickman, County Judge County Highway Commission Finley M Dorris Chairman Joe S Boyd John M O'Mohundro Bridge Comittee: B E McCarthy Ira E Parker Lou Huggin...

Technical Details

1/1000 s
12 mm
50 ISO