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Body only
With 18-55mm lens
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 23.1x15.4mm
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Help 14.2 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 24fps
Screen size
Help 3"
Light sensitivity
Help 3,200 ISO
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Nikon D3100Nikon D3100


Nikon has replaced the D3100 with the D3200.

Nikon D3200
Nikon D3200 announced March 2012

Compare the new Nikon D3200 vs the D3100

reviewsWhat are people saying about the D3100

"High ISO performance is substantially improved over the D3000, to the extent that images shot at sensitivities as high as 3200 are eminently useable" | talking about the camera's iso-noise
"It's almost impossible to pick up without your hand falling into a sensible position with the key controls at your fingertips." | talking about the camera's button-layout
"Unusually fast Live View AF for an SLR" | talking about the camera's auto-focus


Explore our gallery of 48 sample photos taken by the Nikon D3100.







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Nikon D3100

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VisualStory (0:32 AM, February 05, 2015)
Today on ebay, D3100 with 18-55mm AND 55-200mm lens for $299
*supermom43* (7:22 PM, June 16, 2014)
Looking to buy a newer Nikon....I have the D3000 and I love everything except it doesn't shoot videos and cannot take without looking through the viewfinder. I want one that had the option of shooting through the viewfinder or the review screen. I'm looking at the D3100 and D3200. Can you take pictures via the screen with either?
Avatar for booda booda (1:50 PM, May 05, 2014)
Nikon 3100 or canon 1100d

booda (1:46 PM, May 05, 2014)
Nikon 3100 or canon 1100d ?
Avatar for Abby Bontempo Abby Bontempo (11:29 PM, April 02, 2014)
Looking for a camera to take with me to Europe. Was thinking of the Nikon D3100.
Avatar for Ali Mhd Ali Mhd (2:35 PM, March 19, 2014)
I also want a D4, but i have no money -_-
Avatar for Zeeshan Haider Zeeshan Haider (3:12 AM, December 23, 2013)
you ship in pakistan....?????????????
Avatar for Denise Clark Futch Denise Clark Futch (4:43 AM, December 20, 2013)
I do a lot of photographing at my grand daughters soccers games and I have been very pleased with my camera.
Stefan (8:26 PM, November 26, 2013)
What about the image quality in high ISO?
Avatar for Michelle Michelle (3:47 AM, August 23, 2013)
I'm thinking of buying my first DSLR. If anyone knows of good camera that takes great pictures/video (video is very important to me!) please let me know! . I'm thinking the Nikon D3100 or the Canon T3 because they are the cheapest I could find and they take decent video/pictures. I'm trying to stay within the $300-400 range. I would really appreciate your help, thanks :)
Avatar for Alex Deschamps Alex Deschamps (1:23 AM, June 13, 2013)
Should I take D3100 with one lens 50-200 mm OR(WHERE) D5100 with the basic lens???
Avatar for Pensrfun Pensrfun (5:34 PM, May 08, 2013)
The Nikon wu-1a works on the D3200. Will it also work on the D3100?
Avatar for Maxim Mayone Maxim Mayone (1:20 PM, April 16, 2013)
What battery grip and external mic Do you use?
Avatar for Muneharu Ota Muneharu Ota (2:42 PM, March 25, 2013)
Excellent explanation. 'Nikon': Why do Americans pronounce this manufacturer 'naikon'? It is called 'nikon' (like Nivea, a skin cream manufacturer) in Britain and Japan (the company's home country).
Avatar for Valliappan Ramanathan Valliappan Ramanathan (6:22 AM, February 17, 2013)
plse some body suggest me. d3100 or canon t2i rebel among these wich one is best in iso..light sensitivity?
Steven white (2:52 PM, November 25, 2012)
I picked one of these up in Spain earlier this year for 410 euros with 4gb sdhc card 18-55 & 70-210 lenses & carry pack for the money I simply can't fault it. Easy to use light & fast...just what the wife wanted to replace her old film Minolta!
maria2310 (6:35 PM, August 04, 2012)
 HI am going to buy my first slr. I am between Canon eos 600 and nikon 5100. which one do you suggest?
Michelle Singh (3:05 PM, May 14, 2012)
Which is better the Canon T3 Rebel or the Nikon D3100
Avatar for Snapsort Snapsort (4:51 PM, April 03, 2012)
I am glad we could help. If you liked Snapsort you might also like our new site, you can search and compare a lot more than just cameras.
Avatar for caiobegotti caiobegotti (4:46 PM, April 03, 2012)
I've bought a D3100 already but this page made me to realize I got it just right as my first DSLR. Wonderful camera, I only wish it had an external mic jack in its body and that Nikon could release a compatible SDK for this little beast. Anyway, for my next camera I'll surely come back to Snapsort! I've just stopped by to say how great it is :-)
Avatar for Crysania Crysania (4:33 PM, March 21, 2012)
 Lots of people care for Sony.  Sony makes great cameras.  I just got their A580 and it's amazing.
holowackuck (0:18 AM, March 04, 2012)
like this cam
Z E C T E R (3:01 PM, February 12, 2012)
D3100, the AF not to fast. trying to shot a skateboarder and almost of all the photos is out of focus. continous AF in vid mode? not helping that much, because the AF is really slow lol
roy (6:01 PM, February 06, 2012)
You know, it has been one year since I asked about the D3100, and I had since acquired it. And the verdict? I love it! Simple to use/getting used to and yet it provides stunning images! 
Definitely a very good starting point if one was to look for a proper entry-level DSLR. My transition from the plain ol' Point-and-Shoot to DSLR was pretty smooth. The only drawback that I see for now is that one would have to stick to AF-S lenses, which is a bit pricey compared to the AF (at my place, not sure about others).

Again, I would really like to thank Snapsort in assisting my decision-making process, you guys have been a great help!
Haralisa (8:49 AM, January 12, 2012)
Hi.I want to buy a dslr camera to use it for travelling but i don't know whether i should choose this nikon d3100 or the canon eos 1100d.Can someone give me some suggestions?And please also state the price cos im searching for dslr that cost around rm1500++.Thank you.