Summary Nikon D3000

Prices Price
Body only
With 18-55mm lens
Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range
#n/a of 2
Among similar cameras
#n/a of 6
Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 23.6x15.8mm
Screen resolution
Help 230k dots
Help 10 MP
Movie format
Help None
Screen size
Help 3"
Light sensitivity
Help 1,600 ISO
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Lenses Lenses
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Nikon D3000Nikon D3000


Nikon has replaced the D3000 with the D3100.

Nikon D3100
Nikon D3100 announced August 2010
Movie format Shoots movies
Live view Has live view
True resolution Significantly higher true resolution

Compare the new Nikon D3100 vs the D3000

reviewsWhat are people saying about the D3000

"Very capable AF system, including 3D AF tracking, on a par with much more expensive DSLRs" | talking about the camera's auto-focus
"Naturally though, there is no getting around the fact that the D3000 is an entry-level DSLR, and the lightweight, all-plastic body shell doesn't have the same heft as the D90 or D300s." | talking about the camera's build-quality
"The Nikon D40 was a groundbreaking camera, not only for Nikon, but for the entire entry-level sector of the DSLR market" | talking about the camera's overall-performance


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Nikon D3000.


Nikon D3000 Professional Still Sample
  • Sample video
  • Zoom
  • Autofocus
  • Manual focus
Nikon D3000 Still Shots Sample
  • Sample video
  • Zoom
  • Autofocus
  • Manual focus


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The Nikon D3000 vs other recent entry-level DSLRs

Lens availability More lenses available Help
230 lenses
Lowest price Inexpensive Help
Weight Light Help
485 g
Size Really small Help
Prosumer size (126×97×64 mm)
Thickness Thin Help


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The Nikon D3000 vs other recent entry-level DSLRs

Low light performance Very noisy at high ISO Help
563 ISO
Color depth Little color depth Help
22.3 bits
Movie format No movies Help
Screen size Below average sized screen Help
Viewfinder size Small viewfinder Help
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
1,600 ISO
Startup delay Poor startup delay Help
700 ms startup delay
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
10 MP
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Focus points Fewer focus points Help
Shutter lag Poor shutter lag Help
262 ms shutter lag
Announced Old Help
July 2009
Viewfinder coverage Below average viewfinder coverage Help
Sensor type Sensor type Help
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Overall image quality Very low overall image quality Help
Dynamic range Very narrow dynamic range Help
11.1 EV
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
230k dots
Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
3 fps
Live view No live view Help
Preview with viewfinder
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Weather sealed No weather sealing Help
Need to shelter it from weather
Battery life Shorter battery life Help
550 shots
HDR Lacks in-camera HDR Help
You could do HDR manually
Viewfinder Uses battery, see less detail Help
Missing geo-tagging
Built-in focus motor No focus motor Help
Won't autofocus with all lenses
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/4000 of a second




front photo of the Nikon D3000back photo of the Nikon D3000angle photo of the Nikon D3000


Nikon D3000

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Showing 4 comments

Avatar for Walter King Jenkins Walter King Jenkins (2:52 PM, December 09, 2013)
i was looking into lenses on this site and found this link for the best lenses for the d3000, but when I looked into the lense it said that it was not supported by the d3000. Can anyone explain this.

link to info about lense
Avatar for Mark Feeney Mark Feeney (9:04 PM, March 01, 2012)
Avatar for taylor009 taylor009 (9:10 PM, February 29, 2012)
Do external flashes also work on this camera? Which ones do you recommend?
Also, can you take photos in black and white? Or do you have to edit them after? I haven't found the setting to take them in black and white yet.
nickn (6:11 AM, February 25, 2012)
This does have a self cleaning sensor. Please update the page!