The Nikon Coolpix S52c is mostly gets compared to entry-level DSLRs and digicams. The Nikon Coolpix S52c's top rivals come from Canon (such as the Rebel T5i and the PowerShot A700)

Competitor classes

compared toEntry-level DSLR competitors

Canon Rebel T5i

Canon Rebel T5i
5 years newer
$1,095 (body only)
$539 - $549 18-55mm lens

Significant advantages of the T5i (vs the S52c)

  • None found

Significant disadvantages of the T5i (vs the S52c)

  • None found

common strengths of the T5i and S52c

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compared toDigicam competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Nikon S52c compared to digicam competitors include: it has a much larger screen (3" vs 2.5"), has image stabilization (lens vs none), takes slightly higher resolution photos (8.6 MP vs 5.9 MP) and is newer (april 2008 vs february 2006).

However, on average it has a slightly narrower aperture (f/3.3 vs f/2.8), has a significantly narrower wide angle lens (38 mm vs 35 mm), doesn't have a viewfinder (none vs tunnel), doesn't support an external flash and slightly shorter exposures (4 seconds vs 15 seconds).

Canon PowerShot A700

Canon PowerShot A700
2 years older

Significant advantages of the A700 (vs the S52c)

  • Wider aperture: f/2.8 vs f/3.3
  • Significantly better wide angle: 35 mm vs 38 mm
  • Supports an external flash

Significant disadvantages of the A700 (vs the S52c)

  • Much smaller screen: 2.5" vs 3"
  • No image stabilization: None vs
    1. Lens

common strengths of the A700 and S52c

  • Light weight: 250 g vs 175 g