Nikon Coolpix S3100 Photo #35 "If You're a Bird, I'm a Bird"

Amanda Maxine Byer. I looked at this picture and the only think I could think of was The Notebook. I didn't think a picture could accurately describe a person so well. You can tell how she longs to be a kid again, yet is hopeful for and excited about the future. She seems invincible. That's why I love this picture and the girl herself. --- I feel sickly. My head hurts like hell and I've been starving all day and have barely gotten any sleep. But, there's good news! Drum roll please. ............................ I've decided that once I am finished going through all of the pictures that I've been snapping nonstop lately and added the good ones, I'm going to start my 365 Day Challenge. I'm very excited about it, which gives me even more drive to start getting things done. Woot for actually doing something for once. :D

Technical Details

1/250 s
7 mm
250 ISO