Summary Nikon DF

Prices Price
Body only
$2,215 - $2,747
With 50mm lens
$2,508 - $2,997
Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range
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Among similar cameras
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help Full frame 36x23.9mm
Screen resolution
Help 921k dots
Help 16.2 MP
Movie format
Help None
Screen size
Help 3.2"
Light sensitivity
Help 12,800 ISO
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Lenses Lenses
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Nikon DFNikon DF


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Nikon DF

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Showing 20 comments

Avatar for Zeb Németh Zeb Németh (4:57 PM, February 17, 2018)
The very low noise
Avatar for Zeb Németh Zeb Németh (4:56 PM, February 17, 2018)
five hundred meter aperture spherical telescope, bulky? Not used to working with the LOFAR-installation?
Avatar for Broodmite01 Broodmite01 (8:31 PM, January 26, 2017)
James Webb NGST bulky? have you ever used five hundred meter aperture spherical telescope?
herobk13 (9:20 PM, July 11, 2014)
LOL, funny to see the stair up. So childish! :)
Alvin dhonny (7:16 PM, April 11, 2014)
just buy the D800 its better than this cause this is very expensive

D800 is aslo full frame dslr camera
build in flash
36 MP
build in flash
HDR system
and else but if D800 is too expensive for you just buy the D7100 its similar to D800 like her son :)
btw i need some photographer friends if you like to be my friend just add my pin 74043A85
throughmyviewfinder (11:44 PM, March 14, 2014)
Using this camera is a breath of fresh air, it becomes an extension of yourself and your photographic ambitions. It's a pleasure to use and provides stunning images. I put it down and long to be shooting with it again. Reports of handling issues are not a problem with me - I can easily alter ISO, Exp comp settings when looking through the viewfinder and I never even give the smaller handgrip or shutter position a 1st thought, never mind a second thought. It fits me perfectly! I just wish I didn't wait so long and take credence to negative reports before I plunged and got one! Yes it's expensive, but it is so worth it!!!!!
Avatar for Vamp898 Vamp898 (2:50 PM, February 23, 2014)
I still dont get why people buy this camera when they can get better for less money.

Is there any reason to buy a camera which is worse in every aspect for more money? What did happen to our human kind?
Avatar for Vamp898 Vamp898 (2:49 PM, February 23, 2014)
Try to get the same on a Medium Format :D it would be about the 3-time size
Exporer (7:30 PM, February 22, 2014)
Hubble bulky? Have you ever used James Webb NGST?
Nikon d310 (7:28 PM, February 22, 2014)
Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens bulky? Have you ever used Hubble?
bulky stuff (7:26 PM, February 22, 2014)
Hasselblad Medium Format bulky? Have you ever used Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens?
Avatar for Vamp898 Vamp898 (8:35 PM, January 02, 2014)
> No regrets about buying it.

You should as you can bet better cameras for less money.
Avatar for Vamp898 Vamp898 (8:34 PM, January 02, 2014)
D4 bulky? Have you ever used an Hasselblad Medium Format?
Avatar for Dil Jay Dil Jay (2:58 PM, December 26, 2013)
what color you bought?I`m about to buy it next week and looking to go for the metalic one.
JKPhoto (5:38 PM, December 08, 2013)
JKPhoto …
I have it a few days now. It handles nicely but it feels a little "plasticky" to me. I like the features. The High ISO performance is great. It works well with the AI/AIS lenses (programming them into the nine non-AF lenses that can be defined and appear in your EXIF data and allows camera to know f-Stop etc). A really nice feature set. SHould have been less expensive as it is being sold, or built more substantially at this price point. No regrets about buying it.
Avatar for Vince Vince (10:27 AM, November 28, 2013)
D800 bulky? Have you used a D4?
Avatar for Khürt L. Williams Khürt L. Williams (4:37 PM, November 08, 2013)
Agree on the price point. But Bulkier SLR!? Have you used a D800? I think that statement was pure hyperbole.
Avatar for nineinchrod nineinchrod (2:49 PM, November 06, 2013)
nice looking camera but not even compare to OM-D E-M1
BigBadRon (2:29 AM, November 05, 2013)
Useless, especially at its price point. Plus it's not even a new form factor, just a bulkier slr.
Avatar for Joachim Fernandez Joachim Fernandez (11:21 PM, November 04, 2013)
too expensive, nikon is not leica,...i will prefer the new 610 with more technical data as internal flash and 2 data card...