Summary Nikon D750

Prices Price
Body only
$1,149 - $1,297
With 24-120mm lens
Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range
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Among similar cameras
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help Full frame 35.9x24mm
Screen resolution
Help 1,229k dots
Help 24.3 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 60fps
Screen size
Help 3.2"
Light sensitivity
Help 12,800 ISO
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Lenses Lenses
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Nikon D750Nikon D750


Explore our gallery of 48 sample photos taken by the Nikon D750.







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Nikon D750

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Showing 4 comments

Avatar for aditya verma aditya verma (1:08 PM, January 19, 2017)
Nikon D750 a clear winner moreover one time investment.
Avatar for Rajesh Iyer Rajesh Iyer (1:21 PM, October 07, 2016)
I am Planning to take a short film and Which one will be good Among Canon 70d vs 80d vs 750D
Avatar for Kay Kay Kay Kay (8:42 PM, February 07, 2015)
It could have been the best all round camera if it also includes Touch screen, WI FI/GPS/NFC and IS.
Alien of Death (6:53 AM, January 14, 2015)
I've looked at the D810, D 750 and D610 after a lot of chewing
I believe the D750 is the logical choice because I like action sports; the focusing system is the best as for the D810 resolution with its 36.3 MP sensor
Do you really need it ?.. as don't plan blowing up my landscapes to Garage door size ....and if you do Canon has strong rumours of 50MP
camera coming ( Nikon will have to match this [in which case the D810 will
be super-seeded])
The D610 does not have the sensitivity and shadow detail of the D750 or it's
Superior auto focus neither D610 or D810 have a tilting rear screen allowing for easy low level shots and superior video viewing .
So go for D750 and buy a Tamron 16-300 DX lens for my D300.
Will get a FF 16-35 for the D750 ( have FF 24-120 + FF 80-400 )
Then if I can justify it a D850? (Or forget that buy a 80MP Phase One... Only joking!) with a set of prime lenses..but I digress
The fast processor of the D750 same as D810 also lends weight plus some other little goodies not found in the other two.
Just stand back when I start shooting photons.....maybe a bit more to the right ...