Summary Nikon D610

Prices Price
Body only
$790 - $1,497
With 28-300mm lens
$1,774 - $2,447
Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range
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Among similar cameras
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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help Full frame 35.9x24mm
Screen resolution
Help 921k dots
Help 24.2 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
Screen size
Help 3.2"
Light sensitivity
Help 6,400 ISO
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Lenses Lenses
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Nikon D610Nikon D610


Explore our gallery of 50 sample photos taken by the Nikon D610.


Nikon D610 Full Review
  • 720p HD
  • Sample video






front photo of the Nikon D610back photo of the Nikon D610angle photo of the Nikon D610


Nikon D610

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Showing 8 comments

Kareem Mohammed 2014 (9:58 PM, October 24, 2014)
D610 for everything
ravi (8:28 AM, October 04, 2014)
For photo priority Canon 6D For video priority Nikon D610 But both are brothers only.
Avatar for Maraam Khan Maraam Khan (11:02 AM, September 12, 2014)
Canon 6 D or nikon D610...for weddings plz suggest? help
Avatar for Mahnoor Moin Mahnoor Moin (11:05 AM, March 23, 2014)
How can we order these cameras?
Cristin Rachele (8:58 PM, March 02, 2014)
I ok I know the D600 was a bust and I am really sorry for the ppl who got stuck with one and got no deal or upgrade. That is so awful but this a discussion post for the D 610 and I am thinking of getting one so can we not just post about the D600 please. Need info on this one!
Avatar for Archie Gonzales Archie Gonzales (7:37 PM, October 11, 2013)
it was really frustrating this D600 dust spot. My 3 years old D7000 up to this moment used roughly in severe desert condition but never had an issue of dust spot. i agree for recall!
Avatar for Richie Perez Richie Perez (3:26 PM, October 08, 2013)
I bought the Nikon D600 and it's full of oil spots. I have sent it in to Nikon 2 times and still keep reappearing. Now they release a fix but don't offer discount / replacement / recall? Really disappointed and will switch camera companies to Sony as soon as I can sell my obsolete D600.
Avatar for Jst Nero Jst Nero (1:00 PM, October 07, 2013)
it will be a great camera