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Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 23.5x15.6mm
Screen resolution
Help 1,037k dots
Help 24 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 60fps
Screen size
Help 3.2"
Light sensitivity
Help 25,600 ISO
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Nikon D5500





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Nikon D5500

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Avatar for arbitoot arbitoot (3:48 AM, November 05, 2015)
Buy a used 70D or used 7D. These are the only choice camera to use without breaking the bank, costing an arm or make you think rob a liquor store and still fits your $850. Buy yourself a 24-105 f4 lens to maximize your image quality plus the machine gun fps of those two canon cameras.
Avatar for Aaron Jones Aaron Jones (2:33 PM, June 22, 2015)
Just bought this for 2 main reasons. It is much thinner and lighter than other models. This isn't apparent from photos or dimension specs, but I went to Best Buy and held this thing in my average male sized hand. It's much more portable. Also, this is the only model with wifi built in which is huge for me. Now I can post pictures to social media in real time, and don't have to plug into a computer and upload when I get home from vacation.
GYAN (7:20 AM, June 05, 2015)
Hey friends.........I want to buy a DSLR under 850$........I like Closeup photography and Wild life photography..........please suggest me the right camera and lens.............thankyou
Avatar for aurélien campéas aurélien campéas (8:27 PM, March 11, 2015)
Buy the 35mm instead !
Avatar for Clive Clive (9:27 AM, March 07, 2015)
Just wondered if the features are buried rather like the 5300 or is it easy to use? Love the feel of the grip but am fairly new to photography so want easy to use but something to explore too. Am really torn between this and Canon 700d. Will buy 18x140mm lens as good reviews. Or 18x135 if I go for Canon.