Nikon D3200 Photo #9 Little Stint

Taken in Devon, Paignton Beach. I have another 9 pictures of the same bird, but I am not sure I should upload them now, any ideas! Also I am pretty sure it is a Little Stint if I am wrong, give me a heads up! Thanks for all the Comments and Favs. The little stint is a tiny wading bird with a short straight fine black bill and medium-length black legs. It is brownish-grey above (grey in winter) and it is very white underneath. Autumn birds have two pale stripes or 'braces' down the back. It does not breed in the UK, but is a passage migrant, with most birds being juveniles seen in autumn. It is much scarcer in spring, when small numbers of adults are seen, and a very few birds spend the winter here, most migrating to Africa. Often seen with feeding dunlin. Status: Green Population: UK Wintering: 14 birds UK Passage: 460 birds

Technical Details

1/800 s
500 mm
100 ISO