Summary Nikon D3200

Prices Price
Body only
$302 - $557
With 18-55mm lens
$379 - $447
Score Snapsort rank
Within its price range
#n/a of 0
Among similar cameras
#n/a of 13
Specifications Key specs
Sensor size
Help APS-C 23.2x15.4mm
Screen resolution
Help 921k dots
Help 24.1 MP
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
Screen size
Help 3.0"
Light sensitivity
Help 6,400 ISO
see all specifications
Lenses Lenses
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Nikon D3200Nikon D3200


Nikon has replaced the D3200 with the D3300.

Nikon D3300
Nikon D3300 announced January, 2014
Movie format Lower frame rate movies
Low light performance Lower noise at high ISO
Panorama Can create panoramas in-camera

Compare the new Nikon D3300 vs the D3200


Nikon D3200 Review
  • Sample video
  • Time-lapse
  • Shallow DOF
  • Slow motion


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The Nikon D3200 vs other recent entry-level DSLRs

Color depth Good color depth Help
24.1 bits
True resolution High true resolution Help
24.1 MP
Startup delay Short startup delay Help
400 ms startup delay
Movie continuous focus Movie continuous focus Help
Makes it easy to get in-focus movies
Lowest price Inexpensive Help
Overall image quality Great overall image quality Help
Lens availability More lenses available Help
205 lenses
External mic jack External mic jack Help
Record higher quality audio with a microphone
Weight Light Help
505 g
Popularity Very popular Help
Among snapsort users


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The Nikon D3200 vs other recent entry-level DSLRs

Image stabilization No image stabilization Help
Risk of blur
Weather sealed No weather sealing Help
Need to shelter it from weather
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Shutter lag Longer shutter lag Help
276 ms shutter lag
HDR Lacks in-camera HDR Help
You could do HDR manually
Announced Old Help
March, 2012
Light sensitivity (boost) Low boost light sensitivity Help
12,800 ISO
Thickness Thick Help
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/4000 of a second
Movie format Full HD Help
1080p @ 30fps
Viewfinder size Small viewfinder Help
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
6,400 ISO
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
4 fps
Focus points Fewer focus points Help
Cross type focus points Fewer cross-type focus points Help
Viewfinder coverage Below average viewfinder coverage Help
Missing geo-tagging




front photo of the Nikon D3200back photo of the Nikon D3200angle photo of the Nikon D3200


Nikon D3200

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Showing 25 comments

Avatar for Anastasija Knežević Anastasija Knežević (6:56 PM, January 22, 2015)
Next month I'm going on a long trip and want to buy the camera. I'm torn between the Canon 600D / 1200D and Nikon 3200D. Since I am traveling I need a camera only for photos (no videos). Please help me. What is best?
Avatar for Mou Mukherjee Mou Mukherjee (3:49 PM, October 30, 2014)
I am a beginner, and a layman please will you tell me what is the zoom feature of Nikon D3200, just as other cameras write 4X, 16X etc.
hko (9:52 AM, October 07, 2014)
Go for Nikon d3200. You will be amazed with this product.
James (9:50 AM, October 07, 2014)
I bought a Nikon d3200 last week, I think this is the Best entry level DSLR in the market now.Image quality is wonderful and its easy to operate.Very User friendly.I reccomend this product to anyone who is looking for best image quality.
Avatar for Ridhit Singla Ridhit Singla (6:59 AM, September 23, 2014)
i want to buy a dslr .
i am going to buy a dslr for the first time.....
which one is the best ??

till inr 40000
Jasmin (3:37 PM, August 22, 2014)
yes it can make HD video, see here a few information about the quality of video
Avatar for krvlucky krvlucky (8:24 AM, July 29, 2014)
for image canon 600d should be better than nikon d3200 ...... pixel size is 18.5 vs 14.8 ...... dont go for mpx count ...... if u r amateur photographer then go for canon it got swivel flip out screen and better screen too ..... video practically same but canon is better ..... technically snapsort rates nikon d3200 higher than 600d canon ..... i feel it should be compared with nikon 5100 than d3200 ..... still nikon d5100 is better than both
Avatar for krvlucky krvlucky (8:12 AM, July 29, 2014)
hi mustafa ..... sony alpha slt a35 and canon 600d dont have a inbuilt motor ...... my mistake here ..... am using sony a35 i got kit lens which has inbuilt motor and all my minolta lenses old ones have inbuilt motors which i did not know so i assumed camera body had an inbuilt motor ..... and canon 600d well the canon has a different lens lineup and onecan not use old lenses on new bodies dslr cameras and all lenses have inbuilt motors ...... still sony a35 has hdr panorama and 3-d view pics not in nikon cameras and canon also has hdr ..... so if u r amateur photographer go for sony it has made things easier ...... the nikon advantage is that it integrates backwards the old lenses which will all mount and work on new dslr camera bodies ...... some may work in M-manual mode or A-aperture mode only ...... i recently got a nikon d7000 camera bought second hand with kit lens 18-105 ..... cost me 45000 ind rs or 740 usd which is cheap considering is is just like brand new bought only in April 14 ..... my old manual lenses AI-s work in M and A mode ...... i also got a 70-300 nikon lens which af on this one for 4000 indrs ...... again second hand ...... nikon models d5100 and d7000 are great cameras
Avatar for krvlucky krvlucky (8:01 AM, July 29, 2014)
D90 is better if u r looking for nice pics but video is not that great but still good ..... it is an old model so go for a second hand camera ...... you could also go for d7000 and again same logic applies it is old model so second hand is better buy ...... better to go with d7000 than d90 ...... the advantages of having inbuilt motor in camera body are many ...... check it out pls ..... if u ant to buy new then the the price and features of cameras vary ...... thats where d3200 and d5200 are noty favoured still i feel d5100 is better camera than these two models ..... just dont go for mega pixels pls you are the user and cameraman and lot depends on you and your needs and unless you need canvas prints for ur shots most ppl end with 8x12 or at most 20x30 prints no larger any more ..... decide urself pls
Avatar for Yusuf1209 Yusuf1209 (6:00 AM, July 01, 2014)
< Yusuf's iPhone >
Avatar for beno beno (11:18 PM, June 30, 2014)
hi Angie,
if you are beginner Nikon D3200 is the best (good image quality, guide mode for beginner, small body ...)
i recommend you to read this article, it will help you to get the right buying decision because it's show why Nikon D3200 is the best camera for beginners.
Avatar for beno beno (11:12 PM, June 30, 2014)
yes, the D3200 is great upgrade ffrom your old camera, see more info about it here
Avatar for beno beno (11:11 PM, June 30, 2014)
Nikon D3200 provide good image quality, better then all Canon cameras under 700$ and even 1000^$ and it's very simple to use.
for more info i've created a comparison chart at that compares the D3200 to the Canon cameras under 700$ .
Avatar for beno beno (11:01 PM, June 30, 2014)
hi Yusuf, i propose to go with Nikon D3200, it will be your first great DSLR camera, because it's

-simple to use (have Guide mode made by pro photographer show you how to use your camera step by step).
-provide great image quality ( 24.2 MP + large sensor + same processor chip as the expansive D800) .
-low price, like that you can invest in lenses and buy bag and memory cards ....

Nikon D5200 is more complicate, and have a rotate screen that's why it's expansive, so if you think that you need this option, go with it, if No; so the Nikon D3200 will make you very happy.
don't make any buying decision, till see this article (title: is Nikon D3200, the best DSLR camera for beginners ?)
Avatar for krvlucky krvlucky (5:48 PM, June 15, 2014)
go for nikon D5100 it is best for your needs i feel ..... it just don't have a inbuilt motor in the body ...... canon 600D has ...... compared to D3200 canon 600D is better ..... since u r already having a sony explore some sony models ..... i use sony alpha slt a35 ...... it has inbuilt motor and has pixel size is comparable to nikon D5100 but it lacks a flip out screen but has electronic viewfinder ...... decide friend and put ur decision on the msg board pls
Avatar for Mustafa Mustafa (11:57 PM, June 13, 2014)
which one is the best for image cuz i care about image more than video Canon 600d or nikon d3200..?
Mustafa (8:37 PM, June 13, 2014)
Can any one help me im going to buy new camera i was having sony alpha a200 but planing to buy anew one but i have to choose from nikon d3200 and canon 600d , dont know the right choice ..? can any one help me
Avatar for Junior Einstein Junior Einstein (2:49 AM, April 17, 2014)
Harry but can your d3200 make panorama...??? i also have d32 but dont know about panoramic mode... :( nd its quite embarrasing not to have that mode officialy...! :/ :(
Avatar for Gloria Smith Gloria Smith (9:17 PM, March 31, 2014)
Will the lenses I used with my d70 work with a d3200?
Avatar for Shivraj Mane Shivraj Mane (5:31 PM, March 04, 2014)
please suggest NIKON D3200 & CANON EOS 1100D
Avatar for Angie Thao Nguyen Angie Thao Nguyen (2:04 AM, February 23, 2014)
Hi Snapsort,

I am interested in getting a DSLR Camera, but there are so many of them with different features and prices. Plus, I have never had a DSLR Camera before. I've seen that D3200 is pretty popular, not really expensive, and has good ratings. Should I buy it or can you give me some recommendations? In addition, my budget is around $500-$600. Thanks a lot.

Avatar for a.k. a.k. (8:27 AM, February 16, 2014)
I want to choose between NikonD3200 and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300.I'm more interested in taking videos instead of photos but i would like to do both with 1 camera.Which one would you recommend me to buy?
Avatar for a.k. a.k. (8:20 AM, February 16, 2014)
I want to choose between Nikon D3200 and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300.I'm more interested on taking videos instead of photos but i would like to do both with 1 camera.Which one would you recommend me to buy?
colt (3:55 PM, February 15, 2014)
Hello,I have used D40 for 6 years, now I want to upgrade it. I want the new one is light, not too expensive and it should has a better maximum light sensitivity(I always take photos for my son at home with AF-s 50 1.8G) . Will D3200 be a good choice? Plesase help me,3x!
hotsexymum (9:58 AM, January 30, 2014)
Thank you can you tell me about the settings on d3100 please as i don't know whether to buy the 3200 or the 3100