Leica Digilux 1 Photo #20 1951 Ferrari 375F1

Ferrari Museum, Maranello, Italy in Wikipedia See also the 275, 340, and 375 road cars sharing the same engine After finding only modest success with the supercharged 125 F1 car in Formula 1, Ferrari decided to switch for 1950 to the naturally aspirated 4.5 L formula for the series. Calling in Aurelio Lampredi to replace Gioacchino Colombo as technical director, Enzo Ferrari directed that the company work in stages to grow and develop an entirely new large-displacement V12 engine for racing. The first outcome of Lampredi's work was the experimental 275 S. Just two of these racing barchettas were built, based on the 166 MM but using the experimental 3.3 L V12. These were raced at the Mille Miglia of 1950 on April 23, 1950. Although one car held the overall lead for a time, both were forced to retire with mechanical failure before the end. The 275 F1 bowed at the Grand Prix of Belgium on June 18, sporting the same 3.3 L (3322 cc/202 in³) version of Lampredi's new engine. With three ...

Technical Details

1/64 s
7 mm
100 ISO