The Leica TL2 is mostly gets compared to mirrorless. The Leica TL2's top rivals come from Sony (such as the Alpha A6000)

compared toMirrorless interchangeable-lens competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Leica TL2 compared to mirrorless interchangeable-lens competitors include: it has a much larger screen (3.7" vs 3"), has a significantly higher resolution screen (1,230k dots vs 921k dots), has a touch screen, is newer (july 2017 vs february 2014) and has a built-in GPS.

However, on average it doesn't have a screen which flips out, lacks and external mic jack, has a slightly shorter battery life (250 shots vs 420 shots), has slightly fewer focus points (49 vs 179) and has a built-in lens.

Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A6000
3 years older
$379 - $498 (body only)
$479 - $598 16-50mm lens

Significant advantages of the A6000 (vs the TL2)

  • Has a flip-out screen
  • Has interchangeable lenses
  • Has an external mic jack

Significant disadvantages of the A6000 (vs the TL2)

  • Much smaller screen: 3" vs 3.7"
  • No touch screen
  • Significantly lower resolution screen: 921k dots vs 1,230k dots

common strengths of the A6000 and TL2

  • Fairly small: Mid size (120×67×45 mm) vs Mid size (134×69×33 mm)
  • Thin: 1.8" vs 1.3"
  • Light weight: 285 g vs 399 g