Kodak EasyShare CX7430 Photo #16 280. Stacked

No personal space at all. Few enough bunks, that the crew had to sleep in shifts. Could never have done it. The bow compartment, the first of five watertight compartments separated by heavy doors, was used principally as enlisted crew's quarters. There were 26 bunks in this space - one of two main berthing areas for the enlisted men. If you were assigned one of the upper bunks, you had to be somewhat of a gymnast to get in and out of it. You can see that some bunks shared space with large valves and other pieces of equipment. 3 additional bunks were located before the bow access doorway was cut in the hull. www.ussalbacore.org/html/welcome_aboard.html

Technical Details

1/64 s
5 mm
80 ISO