Kodak EasyShare CX7330 Photo #19 Kushiro Ikebana

During my second semester in Japan I had the opportunity to participate in the Ikebana Club. It had been on hold while the club president -- also named Lena -- was studying abroad in Australia. There were 6 students total, and the only people who participated every week were Lena and I. It was a fairly expensive club to take part in, because we spent about 1000 yen, or $10 US, on flowers for every session. One of the students was a teacher at the university from whom I never took any classes. The rest of us were crossovers with the Tea Ceremony Club. Ikebana Club sessions took place in the school's washitsu (和室, a traditional-style room with tatami mats), as did the Tea Ceremony Club. These two clubs were the only clubs granted access to the room; tatami mats are expensive to replace, but those traditional arts belonged in a washitsu.

Technical Details

1/27 s
5 mm
179 ISO