Kodak EasyShare C533 Photo #42 77/365 - Basketball Jones

For Day 77 of 365. And for Today's Random Fact. And for Tell it with a song. Today's random fact: I'm going to the NCAA Tournament's first round games in Greensboro tomorrow! Wooooo hoooooooo! So for those of you watching, I'll be there for the first game of the tourney, LSU vs. Butler and then the North Carolina vs. Radford game. I'm so pumped. Getting to see LSU play means a lot to me. Haven't been to an LSU game since my days there, so I miss it. I got the tickets off Craigslist today and got an awesome, awesome deal! Face value for the first session games. *squee!* ***** "Basketball Jones" by Chris Rock & Barry White (From the Space Jam soundtrack) This link is to the original, original version of the song, which isn't as good as Chris Rock's. Basketball Jones, I gotta basketball jones, I gotta basketball jones oh baby oo-oo-ooh. -Jones -Hey its barry white -obsession, a burning desire -barry I was a vict...

Technical Details

1/8 s
6 mm
160 ISO