The Kodak EasyShare V803 is mostly gets compared to other compacts. The Kodak EasyShare V803's top rivals come from Kodak (such as the LS755)

compared toCompact competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Kodak V803 compared to other compact competitors include: it takes slightly higher resolution photos (8 MP vs 5 MP), is newer (january 2007 vs september 2004) and is slightly lighter (185 g vs 210 g).

However, on average it doesn't support an external flash and has a slower max shutter speed (1/1448 of a second vs 1/2000 of a second).

Kodak LS755

Kodak LS755
2 years older

Significant advantages of the LS755 (vs the V803)

  • Supports an external flash
  • Significantly faster max shutter speed: 1/2000 of a second vs 1/1448 of a second

Significant disadvantages of the LS755 (vs the V803)

  • None found

common strengths of the LS755 and V803

  • Wide aperture: f/2.8 vs f/2.8
  • Very small: Compact (95×62×25 mm) vs Compact (103×55×25 mm)
  • Very thin: 1" vs 1"