As well as being compared against other super zooms, the Kodak EasyShare P712 is also often compared to entry-level DSLRs. The Kodak EasyShare P712's top rivals come from Canon (such as the Rebel T3) and Kodak (such as the EasyShare Z712 IS)

Competitor classes

compared toSuper zoom competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Kodak P712 compared to other super zoom competitors include: it supports an external flash and slightly longer exposures (16 seconds vs 1/2 of a second).

However, on average it is older (june 2006 vs june 2007).

Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS

Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS
1 year newer

Significant advantages of the Z712 IS (vs the P712)

  • None found

Significant disadvantages of the Z712 IS (vs the P712)

  • No external flash support

common strengths of the Z712 IS and P712

  • Very small: Standard size (104×74×70 mm) vs Prosumer size (108×84×72 mm)
  • Very light: 350 g vs 440 g
  • Very thin: 2.8" vs 2.8"

compared toEntry-level DSLR competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Kodak P712 compared to entry-level DSLR competitors include: it has image stabilization (lens vs none), is much smaller (prosumer size (108×84×72 mm) vs professional size (130×100×78 mm)) and is thinner (2.8" vs 3.1").

However, on average it records lower quality movies (480p @ 30fps vs 720p @ 30fps), has a significantly smaller screen (2.5" vs 2.7"), takes much lower resolution photos (7.1 MP vs 12.2 MP), doesn't shoot as fast continuously (1.6 fps vs 3 fps) and has a much smaller sensor (1/2.5" 5.75x4.31mm vs APS-C 22.2x14.7mm).

Canon Rebel T3

Canon Rebel T3
4 years newer
$394 18-55mm lens

Significant advantages of the T3 (vs the P712)

  • Much higher true resolution: 12.2 MP vs 7.1 MP
  • Has an optical viewfinder: Pentamirror vs Digital
  • Significantly larger screen: 2.7" vs 2.5"

Significant disadvantages of the T3 (vs the P712)

  • No image stabilization: None vs
    1. Lens
  • Much larger: Professional size (130×100×78 mm) vs Prosumer size (108×84×72 mm)
  • Significantly thicker: 3.1" vs 2.8"

common strengths of the T3 and P712

  • None found