As well as being compared against other digicams, the Kodak DX3600 is also often compared to travel zooms. The Kodak DX3600's top rivals come from Olympus (such as the D-620L) and Panasonic (such as the Lumix DMC-TZ60)

Competitor classes

compared toDigicam competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Kodak DX3600 compared to other digicam competitors include: it is slightly smaller (mid size (120×74×50 mm) vs professional size (115×83×130 mm)), is newer (april 2001 vs november 1998), is thinner (2" vs 5.1") and is slightly lighter (250 g vs 520 g).

However, on average it has a slightly narrower aperture (f/3.3 vs f/2.8), has a marginally smaller sensor (1/2" 6.4x4.8mm vs 2/3" 8.8x6.6mm), doesn't support an external flash and has a slower max shutter speed (1/1200 of a second vs 1/10000 of a second).

Olympus D-620L

2 years older

Significant advantages of the D-620L (vs the DX3600)

  • Wider aperture: f/2.8 vs f/3.3
  • Supports an external flash
  • Much faster max shutter speed: 1/10000 of a second vs 1/1200 of a second

Significant disadvantages of the D-620L (vs the DX3600)

  • Larger: Professional size (115×83×130 mm) vs Mid size (120×74×50 mm)
  • Significantly thicker: 5.1" vs 2"

common strengths of the D-620L and DX3600

  • Both have tunnel viewfinders: Tunnel vs Tunnel

compared toTravel zoom competitors

Generally, compared to travel zoom competitors the Kodak DX3600 has much less zoom (2x vs 30x), has a much narrower wide angle lens (35 mm vs 24 mm), doesn't have a built-in GPS, has a much smaller screen (1.8" vs 3") and is much larger (mid size (120×74×50 mm) vs compact (111×64×34 mm)).

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60
13 years newer

Significant advantages of the DMC-TZ60 (vs the DX3600)

  • Much smaller: Compact (111×64×34 mm) vs Mid size (120×74×50 mm)
  • Much better wide angle: 24 mm vs 35 mm
  • Much larger screen: 3" vs 1.8"

Significant disadvantages of the DMC-TZ60 (vs the DX3600)

  • None found

common strengths of the DMC-TZ60 and DX3600

  • Light weight: 214 g vs 250 g