The Kodak DC5000 is mostly gets compared to other digicams. The Kodak DC5000's top rivals come from Olympus (such as the C-5000 Zoom)

compared toDigicam competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Kodak DC5000 compared to other digicam competitors include: it has a much wider wide angle lens (30 mm vs 38 mm).

However, on average it is slightly larger (professional size (140×89×83 mm) vs mid size (105×74×46 mm)), is older (june 2000 vs august 2003), is thicker (3.3" vs 1.8"), is slightly heavier (459 g vs 280 g) and doesn't support an external flash.

Olympus C-5000 Zoom

Olympus C-5000 Zoom
3 years newer

Significant advantages of the C-5000 Zoom (vs the DC5000)

  • Much faster max shutter speed: 1/1000 of a second vs 1/400 of a second
  • Supports an external flash

Significant disadvantages of the C-5000 Zoom (vs the DC5000)

  • Much worse wide angle: 38 mm vs 30 mm

common strengths of the C-5000 Zoom and DC5000

  • Both have tunnel viewfinders: Tunnel vs Tunnel