The Kodak DC280 is mostly gets compared to super zooms. The Kodak DC280's top rivals come from Kodak (such as the EasyShare Z710)

compared toSuper zoom competitors

Generally, some of the advantages of the Kodak DC280 compared to super zoom competitors include: it has a much wider wide angle lens (30 mm vs 38 mm).

However, on average it has a much smaller screen (1.8" vs 2"), takes slightly lower resolution photos (2.1 MP vs 7.1 MP), is older (june 1999 vs september 2006) and has a slower max shutter speed (1/755 of a second vs 1/1000 of a second).

Kodak EasyShare Z710

Kodak EasyShare Z710
7 years newer

Significant advantages of the Z710 (vs the DC280)

  • Much larger screen: 2" vs 1.8"
  • Higher true resolution: 7.1 MP vs 2.1 MP
  • Much faster max shutter speed: 1/1000 of a second vs 1/755 of a second

Significant disadvantages of the Z710 (vs the DC280)

  • Much worse wide angle: 38 mm vs 30 mm

common strengths of the Z710 and DC280

  • Very small: Standard size (98×78×73 mm) vs Standard size (133×51×76 mm)
  • Very light: 360 g vs 420 g
  • Thin: 2.9" vs 3"