Summary Kodak Z990 MAX

Prices Price
Camera only
Score Snapsort rank
Among similar cameras
#n/a of 1
Specifications Key specs
Help 30x
Screen size
Help 3"
Help f/2.8
Screen resolution
Help 460k dots
Wide angle
Help 28 mm
Movie format
Help 1080p @ 30fps
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Kodak Easyshare Z990 MAXKodak Easyshare Z990 MAX


Explore our gallery of 44 sample photos taken by the Kodak Easyshare Z990 MAX.



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The Kodak Z990 MAX vs other recent digicams

Aperture Wide aperture Help
Viewfinder Doesn't use battery, see more detail Help
Image stabilization Image stabilization Help
  1. Lens
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The Kodak Z990 MAX vs other recent super zooms

Size Quite small Help
Professional size (124×86×94 mm)
Weight Light Help
589 g
Thickness Thin Help


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The Kodak Z990 MAX vs other recent digicams

Continuous shooting Slow continuous shooting Help
5 fps
Autofocus contrast detection autofocus Help
slower focusing
Thickness Thick Help
Popularity Not so popular Help
Among snapsort users
Touch screen No touch screen Help
More buttons
Announced Old Help
April 2011
Weight Heavy Help
589 g
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The Kodak Z990 MAX vs other recent super zooms

Zoom Poor zoom Help
Screen resolution Very low resolution screen Help
460k dots
True resolution Lower true resolution Help
9.6 MP
External mic jack Lacks an external mic jack Help
Limited to the in-camera mic
External flash No external flash Help
Less expandable
Longest exposure Short exposures Help
16 seconds
Wide angle Very poor wide angle lens Help
28 mm
Light sensitivity Poor maximum light sensitivity Help
6,400 ISO
Screen flips out Fixed screen Help
Less flexible
Sensor size Slightly smaller than average sensor Help
1/2.5" 6.13x4.51mm
Fastest shutter speed Slow shutter speed Help
1/2000 of a second


front photo of the Kodak Easyshare Z990 MAXback photo of the Kodak Easyshare Z990 MAXangle photo of the Kodak Easyshare Z990 MAX


Kodak Easyshare Z990 MAX
Easyshare Z990 MAX

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Showing 22 comments

Avatar for Iba Leschenko Carámbula Iba Leschenko Carámbula (2:59 AM, March 12, 2013)
I think it's a great camera. I'm gonna buy it in about a week, and I'm excited. Of course I'm not a "pro photographer", I'm just an amateur photographer. Right now I have a Fujifilm Finepix JV300 (oh dear Lord...) and I take my camera everywhere. I take pictures everywhere, and then I process them with Photoshop. I go to the city, and I take pictures, I go to a birthday and I take pictures, I go to the bathroom and I take pictures, I even took pictures at my sister's wedding. Pets, people, places, myself, everything. With this Kodak EasyShare Z990 I don't pretend to be a photographer for the National Geographic magazine, but I think this camera is perfect for me, an amateur photographer.
I also want to know about the batteries' life and what's your opinion on lithium rechargeable batteries. I read out there that those kind of batteries are way better than the AA Ni-mh batteries. I know this camera comes with 4 AA Kodak batteries, but... I prefer to purchase other kind of AA batteries out there, if y'know what I mean.

Thank you very much guys, have a nice week :))
Avatar for ktowng ktowng (2:20 AM, September 15, 2012)
This is the latest firmware update. I'm pretty sure its the same version that I have.
Hope that works for you
queenbee (1:04 AM, September 15, 2012)
hey there! just wondering maybe you still have the firmware you've downloaded before? i think its no longer available on the kodak website .i couldnt find it anywhere else too. i really wish i could update mine :(
Avatar for Pink Pink (9:37 AM, June 13, 2012)
Just go to kodak website and update your camera. You will be surprised by its nice performance. Anyways, if you really don't want to, you can let me know anytime and I will be so glad to have it rather than you throw it to the bin.
Avatar for ktowng ktowng (5:04 PM, April 30, 2012)
I purchased the Z990 last week. Before making my purchase, I checked the many reviews on-line, including this article and the user comments that follow. I was aware of the bugs that many have posted about, but was also aware of the firmware update available from Kodak. I tried the camera out of the box and noticed immediately some of the problems that people have listed such as slow response times. After downloading the firmware update, all of these problems were gone and I couldn't be happier with the camera. The update takes about 5 minutes to complete and is fairly easy to do. Go to Kodak's web-site and follow the instructions. Basically, download the update to your memory card, put it in the camera and wait for it to load. Once it is loaded, delete the firmware file from your card and it is good to go. For the price I paid ($199 Cdn.) I could not ask for more. The zoom is great and the camera is quite easy to operate.
Mandylr (9:41 PM, April 08, 2012)
If you want to buy a nice camera that takes quick shots DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!!!!!! So much of a delay I hate it
Mandylr (9:33 PM, April 08, 2012)
I hate this camera too.
Every time I try and take a pic I miss it because it takes so long !!!!!!! I think Mine will be going in the Bin
Gene (3:01 PM, March 04, 2012)
It is a good basics tool as it has manual mode where you canlearn about aperture, shutter speed and exposure, it is only a tool, good pictures depend on your ability: learn arts, compsition, watch other's pictures. Enjoy.
Gabecaban (7:01 AM, February 28, 2012)
I just got the z990 and I am a beginner when it comes to photography. I love taking photos. So, the question is, did I make a good choice on buying this camara as a to start to learn to take professional pictures?
Un français (1:35 AM, February 06, 2012)
Cet appareil surprend par la qualité des photos prises dans de mauvaises qualités d'éclairage. Avant celui-ci, j'avais le dx6490, z1012is, z981. Des appareils solides que j'ai offert au fur et à mesure de me achats. Des appareils qui fonctionnent toujours bien. Kodak est solide... Si j'avais un peit reproche à formuler à l'encontre du Max, c'est la disparition des différentes options de scènes (musée, texte) et la lampe de l'autofocus qu'il est difficile de cacher quand je veux photographier discrètement... 
Viawolf (4:03 PM, January 01, 2012)
What is a firmware update and how do you apply it to the camera?
Pohlkat77 (3:27 AM, December 19, 2011)
do a firmware update to fix software bugs and the camera will perform better
Inder7056128 (2:16 PM, December 11, 2011)
Hi Snapsort,

I am a hell lot confused between Nikon P500 and Kodak Z990.
please suggest. 
Pjmarcel (9:30 AM, November 30, 2011)
The camera came out to the market with some software bugs but since I´ve done the last firmware update (1.12, November) the camera is faster and more reliable. So I am very pleased with it, especially macro, night and low light shots where I get very good pictures..
Pjmarcel (9:59 AM, November 26, 2011)
This camera takes very good pictures...but it came out to the market with some bugs..but if you download the latest Kodak  firmware (1.12) it gets faster and the main bugs are solved... a very good investment if you re looking for a good zoom camera and nice low light pics....
Ryanotr77 (10:10 PM, October 29, 2011)
I hate this camera. It is horribly slow at everything. It is so slow to preview or delete pictures. But worst of all, it never seems to take the picture whenI actually press the button to shoot. And it takes forever before you can take the next picture. My last camera was a kodak z612, which I LOVED. I thought this would be as good, but it has been a HUGE disapointment. We take pictures of our kids mostly and we have missed so many shots. It is pure frustration evertime we try to use this camera. I will probably never by another kodak again.
Hapal (2:48 AM, August 18, 2011)
No, it does not. it functions as a good grip.
Hapali (7:58 AM, August 08, 2011)
If Zoom was the only criteria, telescopes would win every time so putting Nikon p500 at #1 since it has a 36X zoom seems a little premature. Hold Nikon in your hand and you'll feel holding a toy camera! image stabilization is poor and photo quality is not impressive. Fuji HS20 is a better choice at#1 and Sony HS100v is right behind it in photo quality and Kodak Z990 should be#3. Set the price range at $299 or less and then Kodak is unequivocal #1 winner. Panasonic FZ100 is very good as well but has a moderately weaker lens.
Hapali (7:37 AM, August 08, 2011)
Sometimes I wonder if snapsort reevaluate their decision making process when ranks cameras?!
Canon SX30 is #3 ?!!!
2.7" LCD with 230K resolution, only 720p movies, CCD sensor with ISO of only 1600, low image quality in every professional reviews, no RAW shooting mode, and on top of all a hefty $400 price tag!
Compare that with the $250 Kodak Z990 which wins in all those categories above and is #8 !!!
let's be fair a little for a change?!
Pannatornk (1:06 AM, May 29, 2011)
Overview good, but no fast respond in scn mode and very slow for deleting photo
Bashar Yassin (8:10 PM, April 19, 2011)
Yes , it does .
Avatar for erda çelik erda çelik (9:21 PM, April 14, 2011)
has it mechanical zoom like HS-10? it seems like a mechanical in photo