Fujifilm FinePix S1800 Photo #7 Cromarty Firth and Cromarty Bridge Ross-shire Scotland

I was invited to give a talk on Thursday evening to Dornoch Heritage Society, on the subject of - what else! - Police History. I was delighted my lady wife was able to come along and keep me company for the trip. Thursday was a beautiful day (hard to believe it was the last week in September) and we left Inverness in mid-afternoon in order to take a leisurely drive up to the County of Sutherland. The A9 Inverness/Thurso trunk road is much improved (better, faster, straighter and far shorter than when we first used to travel from Helmsdale to Inverness on my days off, way back in 1982). Then there was no Kessock, Cromarty or Dornoch Bridges, and the trip in those days entailed a twisting and circuitous route around every inlet of the Moray Firth, and through the many towns and villages en route which are now by-passed by the improved road. Such an early (and sunny) departure – with light traffic northbound - meant I was granted permission to make a couple of stops en route for pho...

Technical Details

1/170 s
10 mm
64 ISO