Fujifilm FinePix S1800 Photo #3 Northern Constabulary Community Pipe Band at Aldourie Castle Loch Ness-side Inverness Scotland

1,000 views on 10th December 2013 The Band in mid-performance on the Castle Lawn. Northern Constabulary Community Pipe Band fulfilled another engagement at Aldourie Castle, overlooking Loch Ness, on the evening of Thursday 15th August 2013. The sun was already low in the sky, behind the mountains, by the time our performance time arrived - but it was a beautiful evening. A hint of rain had gone and a slight breeze helped to keep the worse of the midges away. The Mini-Band, comprising 6 pipers and 4 drummers, played down the side of the castle on the lawn overlooking the Loch, and then formed up in a semi-circle in front of the Castle's viewing area to entertain the guests. Meanwhile the sky was producing its own beautiful performance in harmony with the Band! The Castle and its Estate is truly an idyllic and tranquil setting. "Nestling on the quiet southern shore of the famous Loch Ness, close to the City of Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands, Aldourie Castle...

Technical Details

1/90 s
14 mm
800 ISO