Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd Photo #4 Harbour of Dubrovnik, Sept. 2011

The Old Harbour The town Dubrovnik was founded in the 7th century on a rocky island on the Adriatic Sea coast, in the region of Dalmatia. The town came under the protection of the Byzantine Empire. Dubrovnik in the medieval centuries had a population of Latinized Illyrians. After the Crusades, Dubrovnik came under the sovereignty of Venice (1205–1358), which would give its institutions to the Dalmatian city. After a fire destroyed almost the whole city in 1296, a new urban plan was developed.By the Peace Treaty of Zadar in 1358, Dubrovnik achieved relative independence as a vassal-state of the Kingdom of Hungary. During the 14th century it became the main port of the Serbian Empire. From the 14th century Dubrovnik ruled itself as a free state, although it was a vassal of the Ottoman Empire from 1440 to 1804 and paid an annual tribute to its sultan.

Technical Details

1/600 s
5 mm
64 ISO