Fujifilm FinePix J100 Photo #50 Winter at Muirtown on Caledonian Canal at Inverness Scotland

The Muirtown "staircase" which carries the canal up to the same level as Loch Ness - it is fascinating and instructive to watch vessels transcend this ingenious passage. Nowadays the lock gates are electically operated - I am old enough to rmember when they were manually operated and many's the tanner I got for lending my meagre strength to the capstan! Taken from Muirtown Swing Bridge which carries the road to Beauly (formerly the A9) - the bridge is now electrically operated. The last Sunday in November and while southwards in Central Scotland is in gridlock due to massive snow falls, Inverness is simply cold and frosty as the earlier snow settles down. Dusk is falling as I ambled up to the Canal Basin (to avoid the joys of supermarket shopping) Muirtown Basin is the holding area for vessels waiting to negotiate the last segment of the Canal (to the Beauly/Moray Firth) and is now busy as a marina and vessel parking area. On the other side of the Muirtown Swing Bridge...

Technical Details

1/60 s
6 mm
64 ISO