Fujifilm FinePix J100 Photo #32 Inverness Castle Inverness Scotland

Friday past was a nice day - if not very warm! - for February, and made a decent occasion for myself and a friend to go for a walk around the City of Inverness. Inverness Castle is like a magnet to me, and especially since the statue of Flora MacDonald has been refurbished, the vista looking up the Castle Hill to the Castle is (my mind anyay) one of the best sights and sites in the Highlands. Although the Castle is only a recent structure (the main building in the photo was built as recently as 1835) it presents a bonnie and commanding prsence above the City of Inverness. As you will note I have also messed about with the colours in order to present a sepia version which shows the Castle much as it would have appeared, had I been there with a camera in the 19th century!! I am thrilled that one of my (many) photos of Inverness Castle www.flickr.com/photos/conner395/2182057020/‎ has been chosen to be main photo of ...

Technical Details

1/70 s
6 mm
100 ISO