Fujifilm FinePix J100 Photo #40 Autumn around the River Ness in Inverness Scotland - Forbes Fountain

Forbes Fountain opposite Bellfield Park, Island Bank Road, close to the Ness Islands. The fountain is switched off due to impending cold snap, and the surrounding trees have ditched their foliage in anticipation! This marble fountain used to reside outside the Town House in the City Centre but road widening there meant it would no longer fit, so was relocated to this beautiful walk. Shots taken on Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th November 2010. On Monday around the middle of the day it was sunny and bright (in the city Centre) and yet mist was rising from the Moray Firth, the River Ness and the Caledonian Canal, as the water temperature seemed to be higher than the air temp. Whereas on Wednesday,during the middle of the day, the sun shone throughout despite dire warnings of the Weather People of the frost and snow to come.

Technical Details

1/70 s
14 mm
400 ISO