Fujifilm FinePix F80EXR Photo #9 Lost puppy at window

Our friend and neighbour Carol found this little dog wandering the streets obviously lost. She picked her up and knocked on some doors but no-one knew whose she was so she brought her home. Carol phoned the police, then the dog warden and was told they'd call her back on her mobile. Panicking a bit, she came round to our house to await the call. My wife immediately fell in love with the puppy. Eventually the dog warden called to say that the dog's owner had been in touch and would come to our house to collect her. The owner came with her sister, who was carrying Lula, the sister of this puppy who, she told us, is called Bella. Their parents were a Long-haired Chihuahua and a Toy Poodle, which I believe makes them Chipoos or possibly Poochis. The owner was VERY relieved to find her dog. She thought Bella had escaped about an hour before they realised she was missing. She and her children had been searching the neighbourhood and she feared that something nasty might have happened to t...

Technical Details

1/60 s
16 mm
400 ISO